My Account Shipping auditing

The idea for VeriShip, its audit service and its growing menu of services was created for the same reason all good companies come to be: to overcome a challenge. We have a sister company that ships many packages overnight using a national carrier. Late packages resulted in an effort to recover refunds via the carrier’s guarantee. It soon became evident that the process was cumbersome, time consuming and ultimately not cost effective. This realization led the owner of the company to direct his I.T. department to develop a solution. This was no easy task, but the opportunity, while daunting, led to a realization that the solution could be marketed to other companies with the same needs. VeriShip was born.

As our client base has grown to over 2,500 clients and nearly $2 Billion audit dollars annually, we have listened to our clients and developed solutions to the challenges they face. As a result, we offer Business Intelligence via our reporting and optimization services. We also realized that many of our clients are not able to negotiate competitive discounts due to the reality of the stacked deck they face when going up against FedEx and UPS in contract negotiations.

VeriShip will audit and analyze your FedEx® and UPS® shipments. We will provide you with unlimited, customized reporting. We will keep a close eye on your shipping tendencies and make suggestions when we identify inefficiencies. We can help you negotiate your carrier discounts. VeriShip provides invaluable Business Intelligence to its clients. All of the billing for our services is performance-based. All we can do is save you money. Put VeriShip to work for you today!

VeriShip President, Jeff Lindmark, appeared as a guest on The Entrepreneur Magazine Product Sourcing Radio Show. The interview offers a great explanation of what VeriShip does and what we can do for your company.