We Hold Parcel Carriers to a Higher Standard—Yours

Mistakes made by parcel carriers are dollars lost for the companies they work for. But the true mistake is in thinking those dollars are lost forever.

That’s where VeriShip comes in. With our proven parcel auditing and intelligence technology, it’s no-risk and high reward for companies to recover the dollars that belong to them. Utilizing a 3D approach combining Data, Diagnosis, and Design, we help audit and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities for potentially massive savings based on unfulfilled parcel promises. And then we help prevent them from happening again.

Sound simple? It didn’t start that way. In fact, it all started when one of our sister companies was struggling to recoup parcel costs via guaranteed service refunds. To solve that problem, we worked to develop a proprietary, cloud-based parcel audit technology to streamline the process and isolate areas for savings.

Today, more than 3,300 clients have used our technology to uncover cost savings of their own—and we’re just getting started.

A Culture of Collaboration

It’s where we started. And it’s where we’re still headed.

Big problems are rarely solved alone—it’s this belief that our company was founded on. By bringing together a team of collaborative, innovative, and dynamic thinkers, we were able to build a specific solution to the complex challenge of recouping parcel costs via guaranteed service funds and optimizing parcel spend within organizations all across the country.

Several years down the road, it’s that same spirit that drives us forward. We know that only the best will make us better, so that’s who we look for. That’s who we hire. That’s who we collaborate with.

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