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VeriShip Parcel Accountability provides you with 3D expertise: Data, Diagnosis, and Design. Through parcel auditing, intelligence, and engineering, our 3D approach not only helps recover the money you’re owed, but also gives you valuable data to streamline shipping processes, engage in smarter parcel contract negotiations, and reduce shipping costs even more.


Objective decisions require objective data, and with VeriShip’s parcel audit, that’s where it all starts. Our parcel audit utilizes proven cloud-based software and connects to your parcel accounts in minutes, importing your electronic invoices from your carrier and extracting critical data to help identify opportunities to reduce shipping costs.


Data is good, but ongoing analysis is better. Likewise, diagnosis analyzes new data on a continuous basis to uncover trends that improve your overall “parcel health” and reduce shipping costs. Through diagnosis, we make use of critical parcel audit data gained from our more than 3,300 clients to change overall outcomes that affect your bottom line.


It’s one thing to recover parcel dollars lost. It’s another thing entirely to uncover new opportunities to save money. Our proprietary software, real-time benchmarking, and business intelligence gained from more than 3,300 clients helps our data scientists design new ways for your business to reduce shipping costs and enter parcel contract negotiations already positioned for success.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Data-driven decisions save money and assist in parcel contract negotiations. And this data doesn’t lie.

VeriShip has a proven track record when it comes to parcel accountability including auditing logistics spend and negotiating small parcel contracts. On average, our parcel auditing technology takes only a few minutes to set up and can produce massive savings opportunities for parcel shippers. To date, more than 3,300 clients have taken advantage of VeriShip’s parcel accountability services, ranging from auditing shipping spend to UPS benchmarking, FedEx benchmarking, parcel contract negotiations, and more.


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After our meeting today and reviewing everything, I really cannot think of a reason to not do this.
- Mary Ehlers, VP of Operations, American Retail Supply
I did some digging comparing our rate of success in getting credits from FedEx through our internal audit process vs. the VeriShip audit process. We were blown away. Our success rate was pretty dismal. We are delighted with the results for the VeriShip audit service.
- Steve Kolecki, Logistics, Stewart MacDonald, Inc.
We have been using VeriShip for 2 years. We do not have the resources to manually audit invoices. VeriShip has stepped in and saved us a lot of money without us having to add any additional resources. The data specialists are easy to work with. The website is easy to use and has many reports that we use on a regular basis. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Excellent people and company.
- Tedd Mudd, Purchasing Manager, Hubbardton Forge
We were very satisfied with [the audit]. The initial setup was very, very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it's definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, that experience and satisfaction with VeriShip were what kept us around for the additional offerings.
- William Solomon, Senior Director of Products and Special Projects,
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