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Auditing Ongoing recovery audit of parcel shipping invoices. Our audit = free money for our clients.
Reporting VeriShip provides unlimited customized reporting to inform your supply chain decision making.
Optimization VeriShip provides both free and premium business intelligence analysis to help our clients identify inefficiencies in their parcel shipping practices.

Odds are 5 percent of your shipments arrive late. Odds are you don't know about it and don't claim your entitled refunds. And because of those odds, up to $5 billion in shipping refunds go unclaimed each year.

VeriShip puts that money back in your company's pocket. We audit FedEx® and UPS®, Less Than Truckload (LTL), and Truckload (TL) invoices and recover your refunds. Through our audit, reporting automation, and optimization analysis, VeriShip will help your business ship, save, and function more efficiently.

VeriShip's billing is contingency-based, so we get paid only when we save you money. Click Create Account, and become a client today.