To Parcel Accountability

Mistakes and inefficiencies happen in any field, in any company. But when it comes to your parcel spend, if the terms of your carrier agreement aren't met, carrier mistakes and contract inefficiencies mean money lost—money that is rightfully yours. That's why VeriShip has developed a unique, 3D approach to parcel accountability consisting of Data, Diagnosis, and Design.

DATA  Parcel Audit

Identify and request possible refunds based on an automated and continuous multi-point audit. More

DIAGNOSIS Parcel Intelligence

Access thousands of data touch points for greater insights and actionable intelligence into savings opportunities. More

DESIGN Parcel Contract Engineering

Optimize your carrier agreement with prescriptive solutions for long-term savings. More

Up to 5 percent of a company's UPS® and FedEx® expenses are eligible for a refund due to the terms of carrier agreements not being met—everything from service failures to no proof of delivery, damaged goods to late packages, overcharges, and more. Through parcel auditing, intelligence, and carrier contract engineering, our approach not only helps you recover dollars that belong to you under the terms of your agreement, but it also helps you to streamline processes and optimize your parcel spend to save even more.

Our vast parcel experience and proprietary software allows companies to automatically request UPS refunds or FedEx refunds without any negative impacts on the carrier relationship. We use data from your account to conduct a parcel audit, diagnosis your savings opportunities against more than 10 years of data from our thousands of clients, and ultimately design a more cost-effective parcel carrier agreement. Thanks to data-driven technology and a decade of shipping intelligence, VeriShip has saved businesses an average of 10–30% of their annual parcel spend.